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Sustainable Seafood

How We Balance Our Tastes With What's Right for the Oceans
Sustainable Fishing Management Goes Back Decades

A timeline showing Scottish sustainable fishing over the last six decades:

One of the most important aspects of supplying quality Scottish fish to our customers is knowing the product comes from well managed sustainable fisheries. This has been one of the great challenges the Scottish fishing Industry has been faced  with over the past decades and with a complex European fisheries management delivered by fisheries departments often distant from understanding what was needed to run and manage a successful sustainable fishery at times seemed like an impossible task.

With the birth of the Scottish parliament brought a much improved regional management of Scotland’s fishery and the Scottish fishing Industry has not only transformed itself of being a nation of hunter fishermen who would push the boundaries of exploitation to its limits it has become one of fishing farmers who now embrace and lead Europe with exciting and cutting edge fishery management ideas that have led the Scottish fishery to be one of the finest managed fisheries in Europe if not the world and one that now Scotland’s fishermen can boast is managed by the hour.

J Charles promotes all Scottish caught fish species as being sustainable and all customers who eat Scottish fish can do so with confidence it is coming from a rich abundant healthy fishery. It is vitally important if we are to further the improvement in Scotland’s sustainable fishery all species caught are valued and utilised in a mixed fishery and the maximum value of the catch is realised for our fishermen. To avoid and devalue certain species leads to top quality Scottish fish being dumped back in the sea which leads to unnecessary increase in effort and waste. One day Andrew's wish is the conservation groups manage to adjust their cast in stone flawed system in promoting sustainable fish species and can acknowledge the unprecedented success and turn around in fishery management in Scotland.

It is with this in mind expressfreshfish.com has been born. Aberdeen has many transient employees who work Monday to Friday then travel home to throughout the UK. Many of these people come to buy their fish from J Charles’s shop but complain they are unable to source the same variety when at home. Our aim is to make available to our customers top quality fresh Scottish sustainable fish landed by our Scottish fishermen. The only real sustainable way to embrace our valuable Scottish fishing industry.